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Sometimes I just want to jam out to my old school rap and dance around the kitchen without my children hearing the lyrics to Too Short and Jay-Z blaring from the bluetooth speaker. Understandable. The last thing I want is my two year old reciting the words to Shake That Monkey. But I can’t stand The Wheels On The Bus on repeat and I need my tunes when trying to muddle y way through piles of laundry.

The thing about having small kiddos is that you have to be able to hear them screaming from the other room when they are inherently unhappy with; the color of their sippy-cup, their brother, their toys, their clothes, their hair or if there is an actual reason to be screaming bloody murder- God Forbid.boy-in-trekz

I was offered the opportunity to try these bad-ass headphones from AfterShokz which don’t actually go inside your ears. Instead these work using bone conduction technology which allows your ear to be free of obstruction so you can hear the sibling fist-fight happening down the hallway! How convenient is that? Pretty damned convenient if you ask me. The Trekz Titanium Mini’s are blue-tooth headphones that have a snug fit band so they aren’t going sliding around whether you’re practicing your best dance moves on your new tile or slaying your morning workout.


Right out of the box you just plug them in to a mini USB for charging, which takes about and hour. After that, they are super simple to connect to any device via Blue-tooth and have a long-lasting charge. I haven’t had to recharge mine in 2 days!  Now, if you hadn’t gathered from my earlier admission – I like to jam out. I like to crank my  volume to rattle my skull in a way reminiscing of my clubbing days. I’m not ashamed – shit, its cathartic! But I can’t really do that anymore, because as soon as the Kidiots see me doing something that doesn’t involve them they lose their shit. I can’t be having that.  I assumed that because the Treks Titanium Mini’s weren’t tucked inside my ears that everyone around me would be able to hear Too Short sing “BEEIITCH” — but not the case! No one would have been able to tell at all if it weren’t for my sick throwback moves! Even at an excessive volume the overflow of sound wasn’t any greater than that of typical headphones. And I also feel as though I was able to get better sound from the Trekz at a lower volume. Louder is not always better, ladies. I need to remind my children of that. Constantly.

unspecifiedThe band on the Trekz Titanium Mini is smaller, so the fit is more snug and they are great for young kids and teens — or if you have a little head like I do! These things are truly awesome and totally worth the money! I am also giving you an opportunity to WIN A PAIR of Trekz Titanium Mini’s! Just follow the link below and enter! Earn more entries by liking the Aftershokz page! Good luck. Giveaway ends on November 11th!!

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  • Vidya Prabhu November 10, 2016 at 8:47 pm

    These are awesome! Thanks for letting us know and explaining in detail! Yeah even I could do not hearing wheels on the bus 100 times in a row

  • Stacy Renee November 10, 2016 at 10:48 pm

    These sound amazing! They would probably really help me with listening to audiobooks but also keeping an ear out for my daughter in the next room! 🙂

    • sar_ii November 10, 2016 at 11:18 pm

      That’s exactly why I love them!!


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