Tips For Upgrading to a Bigger Vehicle

Tips for Upgrading to a Bigger Vehicle

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We did it. We bit the bullet and embraced this new stage in parenthood and upgraded to a bigger vehicle. A Minivan. Where we once cared about how cool we looked driving around town we know we care about how cool we are when our family is safe and all their crap fits in the vehicle with ease. The true testament to parent coolness is how many profane words are not uttered while cramming your kids in and out of their car for upgrading to a bigger vehicle - buying a minivan

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Tips of upgrading to a bigger vehicle

We have been searching for The Van Of Our Dreams. The decision was not a simple one and we tossed around the idea of a full-size SUV for a while before deciding on a Chrysler Town & Country. A mini-van might not be for every family, but it sure is for ours.

Here are some tips to consider when upgrading to a larger vehicle.


All parents consider this when buying a car, a sweater or a loaf or bread. Our kids’ safety is our number one priority. Vehicles have become much safer over the years. Choosing the safest these days is a matter of preference for design. Airbags, advanced braking, lane assist, backup cameras – there are all features ton consider when upgrading to a bigger vehicle that can increase the safety of your family.Tips for Upgrading to a bigger vehicle

Another safety feature is a child’s car seat. Proper installation of child seats into your vehicle is highly important. Not all cars and not all safety seats are the same and installation can be tricky. offers Carseat Check, where you can get video assistance installing your child safety seat in your make & Model of vehicle.



Do your research. Anything mechanical can have issues, even if its top of the line and brand new. Cars. com allows you to research all makes and models of vehicles and compare your favorites, listing the good and the bad.

Tips for Upgrading to a bigger vehicle

Function & Features

The first thing that I consider about the interior of a car is will all my kids’ junk fit in here? Will it fit easily? That is the reason we upgraded to a minivan. Short of a school bus, nothing else was really going to work. Having an entertainment system was a big selling point for us, too. Tips for upgrading to a bigger vehicle


As much as we would like to deny it, we are creatures of attraction. We like to look good because it makes us feel good and what we drive every day is an extension of ourselves. You want a car that matches your style.  Save yourself the insanity and peruse the gallery of before heading to the dealership.

Tips for upgrading to a bigger vehicle

Upgrading to a bigger vehicle is a major family decision. No matter what style vehicle is right for you and your family, make sure that you adhere to proper child safety seat standards and use car seat safety check for assistance in proper installation in your vehicle.


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