Book Small Voice Says By Mike and Mackenzie Morrison

How to Teach Kids Right and Wrong with “Small Voice Says”

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Teaching kindness and empathy to children can sometimes be a little difficult especially when kids are just starting to navigate their feelings.

It is no secret that kids can be the kindest, sweetest, genuinely empathetic creatures one minute and the next minute they push some kid down on the playground for looking at their crackers. It’s hit or miss with kids.

As kids are getting ready to enter school, its important to teach them to connect with their inner voice and listen to that tug of conscience.

A new book called Small Voice Says by Michael Morrison Ph.D and Mackenzie Morrison helps build children’s skills to reflect on their ‘inner voice’ and what it is telling them is right and wrong.

The book is about Angela, a little girl who learns to trust her small voice by having to make a collection of decisions about right and wrong. From lying to her parents to becoming friends with a child left-out at school, Angela and the book shows how a child’s decision impact others.

Small Voice Says has been in rotation for our nightly reading and my kids especially enjoy the colorful illustrtions. My kids think their inner voices look like farts, but at least they have an inner voice, right?

Reading Small Voice Says before bed has given our family the chance to discuss any decisions that we may have had to make throughout the day, either at school or home. Talking about how my kids feel inside about right and wrong is a great way to discover what types of daily challenges they face and help them make good decisions.


You can get a copy of Small Voice Says by Mike and Mackenzie Morrison on Amazon or any major book retailer.

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