talking with your kids about sex, puberty, bullying and relationships

Having The Talks With Your Kids – Bullying, Sex, Puberty & Relationships

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Having The Talks with your kids - bullying, sex, relationships, puberty

Having “The Talk” with your kids can be awkward.  Sex, puberty, bullying, masturbation, relationships – these are sensitive topics that most kids and parents squirm away from. There are ways to make it simpler for parents to tackle the challenges presented when having The Talks. 


Not Just One Talk, A Lifetime Of Talks.


My kids are young, respectively. My oldest son is almost 8 and the other two are nearly 2 and 3 years. In the grand scheme of things, I shouldn’t have to be thinking about having “The Talk” yet, although it might literally take me years to think up what to say if left to my own parenting devices. How do you talk to your own kids about masturbation? Sex? Porn? Online Safety? Bullying? Sexuality? Consent?

There is help for parents of kids starting at age 10, seeking the right words to say to their kids about these topics and its AMAZE-ing.

AMAZE is a great non-profit that launched in 2016 to bring parents and kids videos that will help assist in bringing up the toughest of subjects and openly communicating.

AMAZE Vision Statement

AMAZE Vision:
AMAZE envisions a world that recognizes adolescent sexual development as natural and healthy; a world that affirms and supports all children across the globe as they navigate the challenges of puberty and mature into young adults.

AMAZE Mission:
AMAZE is harnessing the power of digital media to provide children, adolescents, their parents and educators with medically accurate, affirming, and honest sexual health information along with free, engaging resources that can be accessed anytime, anywhere — regardless of where they live or what school they attend.

AMAZE Strategies:
AMAZE creates age-appropriate animated videos for adolescents ages 10 to 14 and offers their parents and educators trusted resources to open lines of communication about important sexual health topics—in a fun, engaging format they will want to share with their peers.


Experts, educators, and doctors have come together with AMAZE  to create age-appropriate videos that you can share with your kids to tackle subjects that could be pretty awkward without some support. If you don’t have the talks imagine the Google search results your kids will find! There is even a video to help you discuss Porn with your kids.


Having the Talks withy our kids - AMAZE

The videos are categorized and labeled for age, Everyone to Teen. These digital parenting gold mines talk about puberty, bullying, sexual orientation, healthy relationships, pregnancy and STD’s. These serve as conversations starters and help in developing a plan for the conversation with your kids. AMAZE even offers related books and online resources for parents and kids.

More Info. Less Weird.

Face it, it’s a weird feeling you get trying to find the words to talk to your kids about sexuality. Maybe it’s just me, but I’m betting it’s not. I have all these great ideas about These are animated videos that actually adhere to their age “rating”. I’ve watched a few, I’ve taken notes. This organization is a parent’s dream.

AMAZE has the goal of empowering parents to be the primary sexual educators of their children. This is important because when I think about the neighbor kid who told my son about terrorists and all that misinformation I can’t imagine what the heck he’d say about puberty.

This is a true gift for parents and kids – giving the tools for empowered and open talks about sex is invaluable.

Visit AMAZE here and find the resources you need as a parent to have The Talks with your kids.

Talking with your kids about sexuality, puberty, bullying and consent

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  • Mary December 1, 2017 at 3:37 am

    Great advice and guidance for any new parent or one looking for a new way to have those difficult conversations. Thank you for posting!


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