Sending Long Distance Love with Gourmet Gift Baskets

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Easter is fast approaching, so quickly in fact that if you wait any longer you’ll be getting your chocolate bunnies for 50% off!  Our Easter tradition always includes a bright basket stuffed to the brim with sugary goodness. One for everyone. Gourmet Gift Baskets shipped me a gorgeous basket full of goodies in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own. While I typically like to do the filling of baskets, there is a special circumstance we have encountered this year; my sister-in-law is away in another state. While we are overdosing on sugar and Easter eggs, we wanted to let her know that we are thinking of her and wanting to share some Easter fun with her. Gourmet Gift Baskets has these situations covered.

Look what the Easter Bunny brought me!

You still have time to Hop on over to Gourmet Gift Baskets and send your loved one a basket stuffed the brim with yummy and fun goodies. This Ultimate Easter basket comes with all the necessary goodies, like Peeps, Gourmet Popcorn from, the essential serving of Jelly Beans and some toy surprises including an adorable stuffed bunny. There are same day baskets available on the website so you know that they will arrive in time.

You have 27 hours to order for guaranteed Easter Delivery

Baskets from Gourmet Gift Baskets are the perfect thing to send to a loved one who, say might be stationed away from the rest of the family and could use a little love!

They have way more than just baskets, too! You can send a fruit tray, cakes, wines and even an Easter Morning Breakfast Basket to brighten up anyone’s day over a long distance.

So, while we are missing someone this Easter, we know that they will enjoy the day when they see what the Easter Bunny at Gourmet Gift Baskets has in store for them!



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