Science STEM Gifts for Kids

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STEM Science gifts really are the gift that keeps on giving. These fun gifts of learning can foster and create a lifelong passion for science and technology. 

We are a new homeschooling family, but even before we made the leap from the public school bandwagon we were always big on science. It seemed that each Christmas or birthday included some wild scientific experiment gift, unintentionally. Kids really do like to ‘get their hands dirty’ and do all the things ‘for science’. 

Naturally curious kids will appreciate these STEM Science Gifts for years to come. Pique their curiosity and grow their love of learning with something fun from this gift list! 

Science STEM Gifts under $15

Disgusting Science Experiments
Magic Science for Wizards Only
Grow and Glow Terrarium 
Glow in the Dark Crystal Lab
Rock Candy Growing Kit
DIY Bouncy Ball Kit

Science STEM Gifts Under $30

Mind Blowing Science Experiments Kit
Magic School Bus Chemistry Kit
Water Rocket KitTasty Science
Soap Making Science Kit
Extreme Secret Formula Lab
Splash Water Science Kit
I am not going to lie even a little bit - the Soap Making Science Kit screams Fight Club to me.

Science STEM Gifts Under $50

Glow in the Dark Slime Lab
Ridiculous Inventions Kit
Ice Cream Making Kit
My First Laboratory Kit
My First Coding and Computer Science Kit

Science STEM Gifts Under $100

Vintage Gilbert Chemistry Set Outfit Metal Case 1936 Antique | eBay
Junior Scientist Microscope
Tinkering Labs Electric Motors Catalyst STEM Kit
Dirty Old Coins Science Kit
4d Augmented Reality Science Kit
Vintage PowerTech CHEMISTRY Set ~ In Original Box ~ Sealed / TOY | eBay
Old School Chemistry – when science was fun! 
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Simple DIY Santa Wreath