How to save $1800 for family vacation

Ninja Coffee Bar System Recipes – Save $1800 a year brewing at home

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Iced Vanilla Coconut Latte

This is a Starbucks Copycat Recipe made with the Ninja Coffee Bar System. Delicious sugar-free, iced vanilla coconut latte. 

Course Drinks
Cuisine coffee
Servings 1 XL Multi Serve Setting


  • 5 Ninja Small Scoops Ground Coffee
  • 2 cups Ice
  • 1/4 cup Toarni Sugar-free Vanilla syrup
  • 1/4 cup Silk Coconut Milk


  1. Place ice, syrup, coconut milk into a 22oz. or larger cup 

  2. Select the XL Multi-Serve Size; Press Brew Over Ice 

  3. Stir to combine 

Iced Vanilla Coconut Latte RecipeThis year, as you know, has been an adventurous one for us and a major concern is always, saving for summer vacation. We have already had several “vacations” this year, from Missouri to Las Vegas and Las Cruces with many more planned. As the kids get older and more independent our vacations start to actually feel like a vacation instead of some weird and wild midget rodeo where someone (usually me) ends up crying. How exciting.


How to save $1800 for family vacation

There are 5 of us now and even our regular vacations can get pricey. I mean, face it, even camping is basically spending hundreds of dollars to go pretend you’re homeless. Although it’s a pretty fantastic way to spend a vacation, we still need to set aside our spare change to facilitate this summer fun.

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There are a few simple tips that I have for saving for your summer vacation. Our household underwent a few small changes in order to save a little extra cash for our vacation. This single change over the past year has helped us save over $1800 dollars to put towards our family vacation.

My biggest savings is my daily coffee.How to save $1800 for family vacation

I am a coffee drinker. A connoisseur. An addict. I love my coffee, from a strong, black piping hot mug of Joe to a creamy, iced concoction laden with sweet bliss. I. Love. Coffee.

Someone happily did their research and put a couple coffee shops close enough that I could scramble un-caffeinated in the early morning to the drive-through for my daily dose of liquid breakfast. There is one on every corner, luring you in with their free WiFi and Mythical Drinks. They’re fancy and delicious and quickly prepared.

You can do this, too. You can do better.

How to save $1800 for your family vacation

If you save $5 dollars a day by making your coffee at home you can save over $1800 towards your family vacation!

$1800! Just by making your own Leprechaun Lattes and what-not!

If you’re thinking but wait, I really like my sugar-free vanilla latte with coconut milk over ice– I am going to tell you that with Ninja Coffee Bar System you can make this and much more. I have included a recipe for this very dreamy iced coffee below because it’s now hot as shit in the morning where I live and I like a little sweet iced beverage to kick me into action. It’s currently my favorite.


I do this home barista shit half asleep, in my underwear, long before the Kidiots wake up to bother me. It’s so easy, however, even if they are awake and have commenced terrorizing the homestead, I’m still quite capable of whipping up an Au Latte with no trouble. The Ninja Coffee Bar System has some impressive options that allow you to create your favorite coffeehouse recipes with a simple button touch. Over Ice Brew, 4oz. Specialty Brew, Au Latte Brew, By the Cup, Strong, Medium – you name it this puppy will brew it.

So it in the spirit of helping you quit the coffee house expense to help you save for that super fun family vacation to whether its Las Vegas at The Palms or Disneyland, Ninja Coffee Bar System will help you save over $1800 bucks for your vacation just by brewing your daily coffee at home.

I’m going to give you my best Ninja Coffee Bar System recipes to help make your savings simple! Keep in mind that this kick ass little gadget comes with tons more recipes so you can make yourself a different coffeehouse-style drink daily. You’ll be soaking up summer vacation fun with your own band of kids in no time!

Mexican Spiced Coffee recipe - Ninja Coffee Bar System

Iced Vanilla Coconut Latte - Ninja Coffee Bar System

My Favorite for Hot Summer Mornings with Torani Sugar Free Syrup



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  • Debra May 9, 2017 at 10:19 pm

    Oh I am with you on the camping!!! I have told my Man that I don’t go below 5 Stars – ever. I am also a complete coffee snob and make my own at home at will and often. Best way to go! Have fun!

  • sar_ii May 10, 2017 at 4:23 am

    Oh and i know you have the Queen of all Coffee Machines! 😚


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