Rice Krispies Holiday Cutouts - Twelve Days Of Christmas Sweets #christmastreats

Rice Krispies Christmas Cutouts – Twelve Days of Christmas Sweets

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Rice Krispies cutouts are such a fun holiday recipe to make with the family. There is a certain nostalgia that comes with making Rice Krispy treats which makes them a perfect holiday recipe.

This post contains affiliate links


Rice Krispies Christmas Cutouts - Twelve Days of Christmas SweetsRice Crispies are a staple in our home. Rice crispy treats are such a simple recipe that you can whip up in almost no time. There is a trick to making them compact enough to hold together for cut outs. It involves parchment paper or a silicone baking mat and a lot of smooshing. Yes, smooshing is the difficult culinary technique you need to master. It really is important if you want your cutouts to be able to stand up, and who doesn’t?

After I turned Willy Wonka with my homemade lollipops and bakes a ton of shortbread cookies I needed something fun and easy for the kids. They love to decorate, although I think that it is mostly so they can lick the icing off their fingers. Either way, eager happy faces make for warm and happy places, like my kitchen.

Rice Crispies for Holiday Cutouts

Rice Crispies Holiday Cutouts. When Decorated with royal icing they're a real treat for the Twelve Days of Christmas Sweets

I am not going to give you a long recipe for Rice Crispy Treats – it is on the box and you can also find it here, on the Kelloggs website.  Marshmallows, Rice Krispies, and a little butter are really all you need to make this treats.

You can create colored Rice Krispy Treats using 4 drops of red or green food coloring mixed in with the marshmallow before adding the Rice Krispy cereal.

You can add mini chocolate candy to the mixture before smooshing if you want also.


Rice Krsipies Holiday cutouts - the Twelve Days of Christmas Sweets

A lot of people prefer to use royal icing on cutouts and cookies. You should also know that since I have young kids I don’t even attempt to let them at the royal icing. Instead, with the kids, we opt for Betty Crocker cookie frosting. It’s way easier to contain a mess and there is literally no prep necessary. So appealing for tiny helping hands.

If you need a good royal icing recipe try this one from Semi Sweet. The tutorial is great.

Rice Krispies Holiday cutouts - Twelve Days of Holiday Sweets #christmastreats

Rice Krispies Holiday Cutouts - twelve Days of Christmas Sweets #christmastreats

Rice Krispies Holiday Cutouts - Twelve Days Of Christmas Sweets #christmastreats

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