Las Vegas Skyline

How We Survived Parents Weekend in Las Vegas

Make no mistake, we survived our parents weekend in Las Vegas. There really was no question that we were going to. I know we might make a big deal about being away from the kids, but in reality we all carry on quite well and so do they. To be honest I feel more guilty about dumping them with grandma…

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How To Throw The Perfect Star Wars Party - Printables

How to Throw The Perfect Star Wars Party

There is nothing hotter than Star Wars right now and I have created a perfect Star Wars Party for you, with free printables. Check out some our fun! This past weekend I threw Oliver the perfect Star Wars Party that is every child’s dream. Even big children-at-heart are in love with a Star Wars themed party, so to make things…

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Bedtime is Bullsh*t

Bedtime these days is such bullshit. I used to have a routine.  In fact I like to have a routine, or at least I like to have the idea of a routine. That way, when nothing goes according to plan, I don’t get too upset because the plan wasn’t that rigid anyhow. But our routine is a fucking sham. Our…

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Best Last Minute Valentine’s Day Ideas

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow and perhaps you got lost in the regular bustle of daily life and you forgot, but trust me, it is still not too late to make that night special. You don’t need to take time out of your busy week to make reservations at an expensive restaurant and lavish your partner with shiny gifts. You certainly…

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When Toddlers strike - the toothpaste story

I am not your perfect mom

SO I decided a while ago that I was going to be one of those mom’s who wasn’t too hard on themselves. One of the mom’s who knew that as long as her kids were happy, healthy and making a mess, that I shouldn’t give myself too much shit about being perfect. I was going to be a half-assed housewife…

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Lego Batman Movie

Why Lego Batman Movie is a Nerds Dream

LEGO Batman Movie has a shout-out for all fandoms and nerds and it’s full of DC and fandom references for parents and kids alike.  I was invited by Warner Bro’s to attend the pre-screening event in Albuquerque, NM yesterday and let me tell you, it was Freakin’ Awesome!! Awesome to to a level that will make die hard geeks squeal…

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Be Productive Thursdays

Ha. Who am I kidding. I certainly am the last person who would ever have a dedicated day to being productive. I am the type of person who would dedicate days to the opposite, for sure, but a whole day of productivity – shit no. I have been doing a little writing and a littler bit of working but with…

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8 Binge-Worthy Shows to Get you Through the Winter

Its the dead of winter and if you’re anything like our family, you binge watch TV shows when it’s too cold to get out and play. We do marathons that would put some to shame. We can dedicate an entire day to nothing but the endless pursuit of the next episode in whatever great show we are watching. Not all…

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kids cleaning up

Why I Will Not Pay My Kids To Do Chores

My kids don’t get allowance and they sure as heck don’t get paid to do chores. Picking up their shit is something they do because one day they will like it. I am still waiting for the day I will like it, I know its just around the corner. There is a deeper lesson that I am trying to instill…

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