Helping Kids to Set Goals

I have spent a really hefty amount of time heading into 2018 revising and listing my goals for the year. Both personal and professional. I have set some great goals for myself and my family. I have also realized how important family goal setting can be. Kids need to learn that they’re in control of their own actions and achievements. This great…

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Choosing your power word for the year. #oneword2018

Choosing a One Word Resolution for The New Year

It’s resolution time. The time of year has come for people to scramble to change themselves by making a verbal commitment to change that they struggle to uphold. What if One Word, one simple powerful word is all you needed to guide you through the new year? This is the one-word resolution that can’t be broken. You can’t break a word…

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5 ways to motivate yourself for the new year

5 Ways to Motivate Yourself for the New Year

Christmas is over and the end of the year is quickly approaching on its wintery coat-tails. The days marking the end of 2017 are literally right around the corner, and yet it seems so far away.  Perhaps it is because I head into Christmas going 158mph that I am so exhausted with this year. I begin my pre-Christmas pump-up right around…

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Biscochitos Traditional New Mexican Christmas Cookies.

Biscochitos – Traditional New Mexican Christmas Cookie Recipe

Biscochitos are an awesome little cookie that you can’t go without seeing here in New Mexico at Christmas time. By seeing I mean everywhere. It is our official State Cookie after all. Biscochitos are a traditional Christmas cookie topped with cinnamon and sugar with recipes having been passed down for generations in New Mexico.   There are many variations to the Traditional biscochito recipe but…

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Classic shortbread cookie recipe.

Shortbread Cookies Recipe – A Classic Christmas Cookie

Shortbread cookies are hands-down my favorite cookie at Christmas time. This says a lot for shortbread cookies because I typically go for a much sweeter dessert. I have been whipping out shortbread cookies as a holiday baking staple recipe for several years now, so I am pretty good at it. I don’t like to use this shortbread cookie recipe for cutouts,…

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Homemade lollipop recipe - easy and fun treat for your Christmas Gift boxes. Twelve Days Of Christmas Treats #christmastreats

Homemade Lollipop Recipe: A Christmas treat

I have been kind of taking it easy in the kitchen lately with my first couple recipes being no-bake. I wanted to ease you into the Twelve Days of Christmas Treats before I went a little crazy. There is nothing really crazy about these homemade lollipops, just that it isn’t often people decide to make their own lollipops. There is…

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Quick and Easy NO BAKE Chocolate Pretzel Squares. This Holiday treat will be a hit with everyone and it's so simple to make!

Easy No-Bake Christmas Bites

  The holiday season is officially in full swing and sweets, especially the No-bake kind, are the pinnacle of our holiday celebration. I needed a quick and yummy creation, like these chocolate pretzel bites,  that the kids could help create to get the full swing of things. Baking treats is pretty much my favorite part of this season, right after Christmas music, pine…

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