Moms and mayors summit, Moms clean air force enacting change for cleaner air at the level

Mom’s Clean Air Force Joins Albuquerque City Leaders to Protect Clean Air and Kids Health

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May 8th was officially declared Mom’s Clean Air Force Day in the city of Albuquerque at the first Mom’s & Mayors Summit in New Mexico. Ten cities across the country from May 7th through the 15th, are joining local city leaders to bring together ideas and efforts of individuals and government to impact climate change and protect clean air for our children.

Moms and mayors summit, Moms clean air force enacting change for cleaner air at the level


Right now the federal government is rolling back its protections for air, water and climate and this effects the health of our smallest and most vulnerable citizens. As parents and as community activists we have a unique opportunity to developing solutions with our local leaders to support renewable energy, address climate change and protect the health of our kids.

Climate change threatens our kids’ health and future on an unprecedented scale. IN the absence of federal action, moms are partnering with local leaders to drive change where change is possible.

Nearly a year ago President Trump allowed the U.S. to exit the Paris Accord on Climate Change. It was shortly after that Mayors across the country signed the agreement to show their support to adhere to the guidelines set forth by the agreement to address climate change. Moms & Mayors is movement by the Moms Clean Air Force to bring together constituents and leaders to improve children’s health and urging communities to do more. More kids suffer from asthma and respiratory diseases now and part of the issue is the air quality standards in major cities and communities across the nation.

There is such an opportunity within local government, specifically within Albuquerque where many seats sit empty, for mothers and parents to get involved to enact change that will impact the future for our children. Many municipal boards and commisions create city policy that effects climate and pollution, with many towns creating sustainability boards and energy commissions to make the decisions and enact the policies that protect our environment.

The Mom’s & Mayor Movement kicked off this past week in Aurora, CO and moved across the country. The last summit will take place in Springfield, MO on May 15th. This is just the beginning. Mom’s have the loudest voices (because otherwise no one would put away their toys – amirite?) in the community and the drive to protect the health and future of our kids!


How you can make a difference

Join the Moms Clean Air Force

There are many things you can do, and that you do daily to ensure your children are safe and that their future is bright. Joining the Moms Clean Air Force and organizing a group in your city gives you access and opportunity to work hand in hand with policymakers to enact sustainable change in your community. You can sign up here and also download a toolkit with all you need to get started making a positive change in your community. You can also find out if there is already a state Moms Clean Air Force in your area. You can begin your movement and prepare for positive changes and get ready for next years Moms & Mayors Summit.

Moms Clean Air Force New Mexico

 Celerah Hewes 

Moms Clean Air Force National Spokesperson

Heather McTeer Toney

Get Involved in Municipal boards and commissions

These boards typically advise mayors and city councils and are made up of citizens who volunteer to enact change. You will need to be a resident of the city you wish to seek to become a member of the board. Check with your local city clerk’s office to see if there are any specific requirements to join the city board or commission.

Look into regulatory boards or commissions which establish standards and guidelines, oversee policy implementation. Examples of these types of boards are climate control commissions, planning, and park commissions. There are also area-specific supervisory boards which are typically elected by community residents. This is the best place to start the movement for change in your community.


The Mom’s & Mayors Summit works with parents and children in the community. Our Albuquerque Mayor Tim Keller took the opportunity to declare May 8th Moms Clean Air Force Day in the city of Albuquerque and to ensure the continuation and initiation of programs that would have a positive impact on our local environment.

Moms and Mayors summit kids for clean air

Moms & Mayors Summit 2018 – Moms and Mayors Summit, Albuquerque, NM

Moms & Mayors Summit 2018 Albuquerque NM discussion panel on clean air initiatives in the city.

What can your city do?

  1. Retrofit buildings for energy efficiency 
  2. Create climate change action plans
  3. Adopt an anti-idling ordinance
  4. Transition public transportation and government fleet vehicles to electric vehicles
  5. Help homeowners with energy efficiency 

There is much more you and city leaders can do. Find out more here.

Making positive changes for the health and future of our children is what Moms Clean Air Force is all about!

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