How We Survived Parents Weekend in Las Vegas

Las Vegas Skyline
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Make no mistake, we survived our parents weekend in Las Vegas. There really was no question that we were going to. I know we might make a big deal about being away from the kids, but in reality we all carry on quite well and so do they. To be honest I feel more guilty about dumping them with grandma so that Daddy and I can eat a damn meal in peace than I do leaving them for the weekend to go to Las Vegas. I mean, really, who doesn’t want to spend 4 days eating candy with grandma all day in your pajamas? Exactly what I thought!

I was going to give you a “definitive, how-to” guide for something entirely irrelevant that I know very little about – but instead I will tell you about how wonderful our trip was, how I am an idiot for not listening to literally everyone and wore heels while walking 750 miles down the strip and how luckily there is a freaking Ross in the middle of all the action where fools like me can buy super comfy, oversized tennis shoes for our pulverized feet the next day. True story. Also, Uber drivers sell flats out of their trunks at 2 a.m. because they are marketing fucking geniuses.

The great thing about The Whole Assed Honey and I is that we travel well together. Travel can be stressful and if you can travel with your partner without wanting to throttle them, then you’re doing well. His biggest complaint is that I talked the whole time on the airplane. One hour plane ride and I talked to him, heaven forbid. I have no idea what he’s going to do when, in two weeks, we take a 15 hour road trip in an RV. I will talk for 15 hours straight to a semi-captivated adult with no escape route. Just watch me. Especially in this political climate.

 Everyone ended up sick when we returned from Las Vegas. Every person that went with us came down with the flu and the baby even managed to catch it from Daddy. I, however, did not get sick. Probably because my system was so saturated with alcohol no virus could survive. And that’s it – that’s how i survived the Great Flu of 2017 in our house… I sterilized it with Rum. kidding.

It has been a little difficult adjusting back to our normal routine since we’ve returned. We have been home a week and I feel like yesterday was the first day I didn’t wake up hoping to be in an actual hotel bed, rather than my own. The vacation hangover is strong with Las Vegas. No, I don’t mean an actual hangover, but rather that pull of vacation that keeps you from accepting reality for a day or two when you return. The vacation hangover is the same feeling that causes you to look into booking your next getaway on the plane home an use little hotel soaps because the smell reminds you of your destination.


Speaking of smells, I hope that there is a Wax Melt that smells like the Mandalay Bay. I swear they are using actual mermaid tears and diffusing them in the hall ways of that hotel – it smells fantastic.

We didn’t hit the jackpot but we had a wonderful time with amazing friends. Sin City is so full of things to do and see I am certain we will be planning a trip back soon. This time I will pack sensible shoes like I am told.

And so while I may not be an expert at traversing Las Vegas on an adults-only trip, I am an expert at travelling the winding roads of America in an RV with 3 kids and my in-laws.  Keep an eye out for that adventure to be posted soon!

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  1. I always get vacation hangover. I just book another holiday! Vegas grows on you. I’ve been twice and can’t wait to go back. Love the Venetian hotel and St Mark’s Square, I can never get over that sky indoors too!

  2. I am a lifelong Las Vegas local, so I hope you had a wonderful time visiting my city! It is definitely important for parents to get away and enjoy themselves without the kids every now and then.

  3. I love your enthusiasm and humor in your posts! This was really fun to read. Definitely adding Vegas to my list of places I need to visit. I also love your blog name <3

  4. This made me chuckle. I love that uber sell flats and that you justify leaving them by candy and pyjamas. Haha I do exactly the same thing.

  5. this post was quite funny 🙂 I’ve always wanted to go to Las Vegas but at the same time don’t think I could deal with the overwhelming crowds that you hear so much about :\

  6. Happened to me too. Walked down the strip in heels the first day and was in over-sized, comfy sports shoes with an LBD the next. LOL. Loved your post. Witty and a fun read!

  7. Sounds like an amazing time away from kids. We have not had a vacation from ours yet but is always something we talk about planning. I dont even know where we would go lol.
    Cant wait to hear about your upcoming adventures.

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