Helping Kids to Set Goals

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I have spent a really hefty amount of time heading into 2018 revising and listing my goals for the year. Both personal and professional. I have set some great goals for myself and my family. I have also realized how important family goal setting can be. Kids need to learn that they’re in control of their own actions and achievements.

Tips and worksheet to help kids set goals they can (and want!) to reach!

This great plan to help my kids set their own goals cam when I was choosing my One Word for 2018. I chose ELEVATE.  A major part of that word was to be applied to my family and children. I want to include them in the family goal planning as well as help them define age-appropriate goals they can conquer as well.

I created a fun sheet where my kids (with my help) determined what they want to achieve this year.

Helping Kids Set Goals - Printable Worksheet

I created these steps to help my kids and I create solid, achievable goals for themselves in 2018. There is some great advice from PBS about helping kids and families set goals as well.

  1. Define what a goal is

  2. List the ways that the kids can go about achieving their goals for the year

  3. Share your own goals (for yourself and for your children)

  4. Narrow down the steps to achieving their goals for the year and list them out

  5. Help them list their Dreams or Wants (share long-term goals)

First, I explained to the kids what a goal is.  We discussed our goals as a family. I introduced my 2018 word to The Mr. and the kids and told them how I expected to elevate our family. Then we talked about what we wanted to do as a family this year. We listed a couple vacation spots and committed to saving for these vacations.

Then I asked the kids what they did last year that made them proud. Oliver was proud of being in a higher level of math and he also played football last year. Those were his great achievements according to himself. We wrote them down. I asked him if he wanted to do even better this year. Of course, he did. He wanted to win all his football games. We decided that this was a good goal and wrote it down. After discussing what would make him able to win all his games we concluded together that practice should be a goal that he can measure. We listed out all the things the can do to achieve his goal of winning all his games.

Tips for helping kids set goals. Printable worksheet

Even if he doesn’t win all his football games this year, he will still have achieved his goal of practicing more.  He will know that he needs to succeed in the smaller goals to reach the big ones.

Then we listed our big dreams and wants. I had each kid use pictures instead of words to help them create their own type of “vision board“. We included pictures of the places we wanted to go as a family, what we might want to be when we grow up (yes, we) and things we want that we might have to work towards.

Oliver is nearly 8 and this is the perfect at-home activity for school-age kids. My youngest children are 2 & 3, so much help was provided to them. The baby was simply thrilled to be allowed near the safety scissors to pick photos out a magazine. Honestly, the vision board part was Madeline’s favorite part also. She is 3 and a half and she understands that she accomplishes things. With some guidance from mom and dad, we were able to decide that she should have a goal to go potty without “company” so that she will be ready for school next fall. That’s a pretty fun goal for everyone, to be honest.

This activity really helped us define our goals as a family as well. Being able to see and hear from one another what needs to happen in order to achieve a goal puts everyone on the same page. To me, this is a great way to begin the New Year as a family.

Get Your Printable Goal Setting Worksheet Here.

How does this activity relate to my One Word? [ELEVATE]

I will elevate my family and help them rise to their full potential. We will lift one another up to help everyone succeed as individuals and together as a family. We will elevate our expectations of ourselves and one another by setting goals for the coming year.



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  • Debra January 5, 2018 at 11:55 pm

    A wonderful life skill to teach kids! Love this idea.

  • sar_ii January 5, 2018 at 11:59 pm

    Thank you! The kids had a lot of fun figuring out what is important to them

  • vijay April 28, 2018 at 2:56 am

    yes your right this strategy make kids happy and fun learning.


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