Game Changing Essential Gifts for The Wine Lover In Your Life

Essential Gifts For Wine Lovers #wine
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It is no secret that I am a wine-lover and I do love gifts! Certainly, wine is an acquired taste for some. You may not know that I worked at a winery for some time. I was everyone’s favorite person because I gave out samples in the wine section of all the liquor stores. Anyone handing out free wine has to be popular, right? Employee meetings were also very fun. This job was really fun and it also allowed me to cultivate a great appreciation for wine. That’s just another way of saying that I am a picky wine drinker. Hey, I know what I like!

Essential Gifts for wine lover #wine

Shopping for a wine lover can sometimes be a little daunting. I sent my family on a mission once to find me some new Red Wine Glasses and was met with confused stares. I eventually got some really great glasses, but guidance was needed!  Some wine drinkers have broad tastes and like to experiment with new and classic wine pairings. Some people, like myself, will try a variety of wines so long as they fall within the spectrum of dry, red and smokey. I told you I was picky. 

When gifting wine there are a few directions to go that are practically no-fail. These game-changing gifts for the wine lover are bound to shake your sugar tree this Valentines Day! *cue the romance!*

Personalized Wine Accessories

I love having my name on things, particularly my wine. I also have such an affinity for cute and kick ass accessories that let me personalize my wine. The Chalkboard Stopper is my fave!! I write warnings like, “Hands off my juice!” or the date so I know if a bottle has been open a while. (Who am I kidding, like a bottle lasts more than a day!)


Wine Subscription

This is literally the gift I dream of. Having wine delivered to my door right on schedule is every wine lovers dream. Giving the gift of new and exciting vintages and regions is a no-fail gift for the wine connoisseur in your life.

These amazing Wine Clubs offer a variety of subscriptions to appease the wine lover.  I love this option, particularly because you can select delivery length from month to month, quarterly, 3 months etc. You can also mix and match your selections or stick to red, whites, internationals, etc. You get a wide variety and as a wine drinker, I can appreciate that!
Buy The California Wine Club's Pacific Northwest Series as a gift

Essential Gifts For Wine Lovers #wine

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  1. I didn’t even know all these things for wine existed. Lol I was first e with just my stopper lol but now this opened up a whole new area of spending for me lol

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