Simple DIY Santa Wreath

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This is the easiest DIY Santa Wreath! It really only took me $3.00 and 5 minutes to make. Really, there is no exaggeration. You can make this festive DIY Santa Wreath with the spare change you found in the dryer. Santa came early! 

DIY Santa Wreath

This holiday season the dollar store was good to me. I love Christmas and I especially love it when I can make my home a Christmas Winter Wonderland without spending a ton of cash. I created this really cool Card & Craft Tree for a dollar.

This super easy DIY Santa Wreath only cost about $3.00 bucks (considering that I already had a bulk roll of floral wire on hand). If you don’t stockpile floral wire, you can easily create this wreath with thread, string, or even hot glue. It is so do-it-yourself friendly you barely have to do anything! 

DIY Santa Wreath Under 3 dollars

Pour yourself a cup of peppermint tea and take the five-minute break you deserve to make this Santa Wreath and get into the Christmas spirit!


DIY Santa Wreath

I picked up the Santa Hat, wreath and small bulb ornaments (in a 12 pack) at the Dollar Tree, so you see, this do-it-yourself wreath really is $3.00 dollars! 

I used the floral wire that I had on hand to attach the hat to the wreath and I also wove it through one side of the hat to create a scrunch. 

Santa Wreath DIY
Weave the wire through the fabric and pull to create scrunch
Santa wreath DIY scrunch

Next, I tied shoved the wreath into the Santa Hat and fluffed the remainder until it looked like a beard to be proud of. 

Santa Beard wreath and hat

Tie yourself some ornament eyes onto the wreath and you have a Santa Wreath to watch over you all season! 

Santa hat wreath diy
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