christmas card craft tree

Christmas Card Craft Tree

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If you have kids then you know all the homemade cards and crafts they bring home during the holidays. Although you love and appreciate the full-size paper plate/photo snow globe that says “I love Mom” there might not be enough space on your Christmas tree for all the crafts. Or your mantle. Or your desk. Also, there is no way that you’re tossing these hand-made keepsakes that keep appearing year after year until your child graduates. 

Christmas Card and craft tree. A cheap and festive way to display your Christmas crafts

I love Christmas cards and I adore Christmas crafts from my kids. I also just plain love Christmas and each year I get a little more Christmas-y. My kids are getting old enough where they don’t completely dismantle the tree and I have taken that opportunity to turn our tree into a masterpiece. All those foot-print snowmen and cut-and-paste Santa’s don’t fit with my theme, but I am not about to NOT display them. 

With spending only one dollar I created the perfect place to display holiday crafts, cards, and homemade ornaments. One freaking dollar and the whole house is happy and festive. Now no one has hurt feelings because their 2ft x 2ft salt dough craft from Kindergarten isn’t hung up for the world to admire. 

I bought a 9ft roll of garland at Dollar Tree just after Thanksgiving and immediately created this Christmas Card Tree for the kids to display all their cards and crafts. It is so simple you will kick yourself for not having thought of it sooner! 

We have this blank wall space in between our dining room and our toy room that is the first thing you see when you walk in the back door. Although I may not know what the heck to do with that space during the rest of the year – come Christmas time I have a place for ALL THE CARDS. 

simple Christmas card craft display
I LOVE all these things from my kiddos!

I just used one $1.00 roll of garland and 11 thumb tacks. And there you have it. The most simple display Tree for cards, crafts, and ornaments. 

Merry Christmas. 

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