Choosing your power word for the year. #oneword2018

Choosing a One Word Resolution for The New Year

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Choosing Your Power Word for the Year. #Oneword2018 It’s resolution time. The time of year has come for people to scramble to change themselves by making a verbal commitment to change that they struggle to uphold. What if One Word, one simple powerful word is all you needed to guide you through the new year? This is the one-word resolution that can’t be broken.

You can’t break a word like you can a resolution.  You can list out all the changes you resolve to make this year or you can try this. One Word to guide you through the year, no matter what changes you decided to undertake. Whether the first of the year or mid-summer, applying this one word of your choice to your goals not only helps you define your goals but stick with them.

Picking your One Word

My word for 2018 is elevate.  It sort of chose me. When I was asked in a group of like-minded entrepreneurs what my word would be it just popped into my head. It never left, no matter how many words I toyed with.

Choosing your power word for the year. #oneword2018

Here is how I took my word and made my 2018 goals. This is my year. This will help you to determine your word and what it can help you achieve this coming year.

First – I took my word and jotted it down with all its synonyms. Plug your word into and get to writing.

What I want to achieve

I spent this past week listing out the tangible things that I want to achieve. I don’t mean “loose 50 pounds” or “make a million dollars”. Although those are goals of mine those are not my focus when I list out my expected achievements for 2018

If losing 50 pounds is a goal of mine I list what steps I need to take to achieve that. Those steps are my goals.  

*eat better

*drink more water

*run 3x a week


Maybe you want to declutter your home, mind, and body.  You can apply your word to any goal.

So how do those achievements correlate with my word? Easy. Elevate my body. Elevate my thinking. Elevate me. Elevate my children. Elevate my business.

Self-care is another big goal of mine for the year. I will elevate myself and raise my self-love and esteem. I will elevate myself above toxic situations and remove myself from toxic surroundings. I will elevate my ability to deal with these situations by raising myself to the next level of care.

I will elevate my children. I will lift them up and help them understand their emotions. I will raise my awareness of them and use positivity inst4ead of negativity.

I will elevate my business. I will take great leaps and I will rise to every occasion. I will elevate my understanding and I will lift those around me up.

I will elevate people around me. I will not be harsh or judgemental, I will lift people up and elevate them in my own mind. Positive expression and experiences or GTFO. Rise above the drama.

I will elevate my body – I will raise its importance in my own mind and take the small steps necessary to change my thinking.

It actually doesn’t seem like a lot. Elevate. To lift up my own life, my children, my Mr., my expectations. These simple goals can be achieved daily which keeps me on track. Implementing this One Word and state of mind that comes along with it will change how 2018 plays out in all aspects of your life.

I will admit that I started a little early. The end of 2017 brought out some courage in me that I always knew I had but rarely used for myself. I will always stand up for others but when it comes to me, I used to just move on. Well, as it turns out, I don’t want to move on anymore. I am completely happy where I am and so things that are negatively impacting my happiness gotta go. Things that could help increase my happiness are welcome. I ended 2017 addressing directly the negativity. What couldn’t be worked out was tossed out. Simple as that. As soon as I elevated myself to that level, I realized some amazing opportunities were in front of me and I took them. With the negative bullshit beneath me, I rose to the calling and opened the door when opportunity knocked.

That is probably what led me to the word of the year ELEVATE


There are a few things that also need to be elevated in my life.

I need to elevate my organization. I always have my trusty at-a-glance to write things down, but I also have begun to rely on Workman Calendars so that I can separate my work and home related tasks and appointments. Not only that but since the launch of couple new sites I have grown to LOVE Airtable for all my bloggy related content scheduling.  That is Three calendars y’all! Don’t tell me I haven’t take my organization to the next level!


Have you chosen a word? Maybe a phrase or a theme for the year?

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  • Debra January 4, 2018 at 7:44 am

    Great start to 2018! Wishing you new heights. Happy New Year!


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