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Ways to Foster Curiosity in Kids

Fostering Curiosity in Kids May Be a Key to Their Future! It is true that curious kids excel in areas of imagination and innovation. My kids much prefer hands-on, self-directed exploring of their world rather than having the process dictated to them. But don’t we all! Curious children become curious adults who never lose the appreciation for learning and discovery.…

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30 Board Games to Give as Gifts

30 Board Games to Give As Gifts

Our family loves board games and we always end up with a new one as a gift. There is nothing more fun than family game night with all the kids. We try to start them early on Candy Land but soon they’re kicking butt at poker dice. Games really are a family treasure.  Board Games for Preschoolers Don’t Step in…

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8 Learning Websites for Kids

It has been kind of a struggle to find our groove for learning, being our first year of homeschooling. We are doing a split-time operation with the family school and I haven’t quite adjusted to the traditional aspect of schooling yet. I’m not very traditional. The appeal of homeschooling, for me, was to be the opposite of traditional and in…

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