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Back to School crafts

To be honest with you all, this school year rocked me.  I am typically pretty on top of things and don’t have too much of an issue working out a new routine. This year was different. I now have two kids in school. One in preK, one is half homeschooled and the littlest one is home with me. I also am working from…

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Moms and mayors summit, Moms clean air force enacting change for cleaner air at the level

Mom’s Clean Air Force Joins Albuquerque City Leaders to Protect Clean Air and Kids Health

This post is in collaboration with The Mission List and I have been compensated for my coverage.  May 8th was officially declared Mom’s Clean Air Force Day in the city of Albuquerque at the first Mom’s & Mayors Summit in New Mexico. Ten cities across the country from May 7th through the 15th, are joining local city leaders to bring together…

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We are now Homeschooling – How I made the decision

When I was first making the decision to homeschool, The Whole Assed Honey was not 100% on board. In fact, “not 100%” on board” is probably an understatement. Socialization and time were his main concerns and he laughed it off as something that should not be considered at all. At the time my oldest son was 8 and had already…

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Mom shaming needs to stop. how to not be an asshole on the internet.

Mom Shaming Needs To Stop

The internet is ripe with parents searching for advice and sharing their vast knowledge and opinions openly. That is kind of the beauty of the internet. It is literally the vast expanse of knowledge available to us at our fingertips. And yet here we use it to share Cat mems and parent-shame. Don’t get me wrong, I certainly can appreciate a…

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When Toddlers strike - the toothpaste story

Staying Calm When Toddlers Ruin Everything

Toddlers are tiny terrorists with an appetite for destruction. Their curiosity and learning take hold of them and their lack of judgment makes for really creative messes. I have experienced this first-hand many times, despite my constant effort to keep a watchful eagle-eye on my kidiots. I like to play this fun game on my Facebook Page – Parents Would You…

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Helping Kids to Set Goals

I have spent a really hefty amount of time heading into 2018 revising and listing my goals for the year. Both personal and professional. I have set some great goals for myself and my family. I have also realized how important family goal setting can be. Kids need to learn that they’re in control of their own actions and achievements. This great…

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