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5 Tips for Flying with Baby

Someone very recently asked for my best travel hacks when flying with a new baby.  My answer was immediately to avoid it all costs. Just leaving the house to head for the grocery store with my band of Kidiots strikes actual fear into my heart. Babies on a plane. Call Wesley Snipes, its a horror flick. This got

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Family Road trip essentials

Family Road Trip Survival Kit- Essentials

This year the travel bug bit us hard, and our family road trip was the longest, hardest trip to date with kids.  Whether by luck or design, we have quite the list of destinations that we have hit already this year or will be traveling to. Some are sans-kiddos, like our parents weekend in Las Vegas or the upcoming

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Lego Batman Movie

Why Lego Batman Movie is a Nerds Dream

LEGO Batman Movie has a shout-out for all fandoms and nerds and it’s full of DC and fandom references for parents and kids alike.  I was invited by Warner Bro’s to attend the pre-screening event in Albuquerque, NM yesterday and let me tell you, it was Freakin’ Awesome!! Awesome to to a level that will make die hard

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Harvest time at Tome Berry Farm!

So it’s that time of year here in New Mexico. Tucked away in the Rio Grande River Valley off the original Camino Real sits the tiny village of Tome. Calling it a village is a huge stretch. There is a post office and miles and miles of farmland. This is where you’ll find Tome Berry Farm, the only

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