The biggest aging myth BUSTED – It’s all downhill from here

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It’s All Downhill

There are grand myths about aging. This past June I turned 36, putting me across the line where I am now closer to 40 than I am to 30. And I am waayyy closer to 40 than I am twenty. The twenties are gone and I am far removed in both time and maturity. Aging sounds scary. There is so much pressure to remain young and youthful and even more pressure to get your act together early in life because, as they say, “it’s all downhill after 30”.

Thirty is young. Thirty is the new twenty.  Thirties are awesome and are the middle ground of finding out who you really are! And to think – grey hair is trendy now! Which is really convenient since I have a bunch and will save loads at the hair salon!

I have partnered with AARP to set out to disrupt aging and the myths about getting older that follow us on our journey.

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With Age Comes Focus.

When I was young I had the unlimited energy it seemed.  A, dare I say, a manic abundance of explosive energy that I could use to go full-force in any direction. (to be honest, usually the direction of the bar!) The problem with all the exuberant energy of being young is that you can’t really focus it.  As I have begun to age I have gained the ability to focus that energy. Yeah, maybe it’s because since getting older I have less energy. Or maybe it’s because I can control better what I spend my energy on.

These days I like to spend my days angrily hollering at cars that drive too fast down my road and repeatedly questioning why every damn light in the house is on.



When you are young you are so concerned with how you are spending time that you aren’t thinking about how you are investing time.  When I hit my 30’s I realized that how I was investing my time was much more important. I have realized that I could focus on all these amazing plans and dreams that I had when I was younger. Not only that, but I am far better equipped now to achieve those goals.

And what of it! I have heard people saying that 30’s are too late in life to change your goals, direction, careers. As a parent, I have heard that 30 is too old to start having kids. My youngest was born when I was 32 but for the love of all that is holy, did you know that you are considered a geriatric pregnancy if you conceive after the age of 35!?

Here I am one year over geriatric pregnancy age deciding that I could go a different direction with my career. I am a stay at home parent who will be 52 when my youngest child graduates high school. What if I want yet another change then? Am I considered dead? What type of career can I have as a Zombie?

Sure some of us may have chosen the perfect career right out of the gate, but not everyone does. Not only that, but as I mentioned about focus becoming refined with age, you never know if that career is what you want to do forever. I love seeing the memes about how “adulting is hard.” I have been doing this “adulting” thing for some time now and it’s way easier than the fly by the seat of my pants crap I was doing when I was 21.  It’s because I have been adulting a while that I know that I am able to handle a career change. It is because my grown ass has a routine that I am able to realize where becoming the next Boss Mom CEO would fit into my life. That is an insight that I definitely lacked as a twenty-something. You can’t even become President of the U.S. until you are 35 years old, so that says something!

Maybe you need all undirected energy of your youth to get up the hill that you get to coast down when you are older and wise enough to appreciate the ride.

Maybe there are youngsters that have dispelled the myth of lacking focus. You can read about their stories on the AARP website.

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What is the biggest myth about aging that you have busted?


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