The Half Housewife


I am a mom, a chauffeur, a super-hero, and I have been shamelessly displaying a frame with the photo it came with for the last three years because my raggy-ass kids won’t take a good picture. I write words, I love things and I share wholeheartedly, despite my Half-assed nature.

I am a fantastically opinionated stay-at-home mom with a horrible sense of humor and a big sense of adventure.

I have been a stay at home mom with my three, lovely kidoits for the past two years. I have been fantastically opinionated and full of adventure for 35 years. I am somewhat of an expert on all sorts of fun things – particularly sarcasm and procrastination, but I am also gaining expertise in which wines to pair with Gold Fish Crackers and how to best avoid being seen in public without make-up. It’s a work in progress… much like this blog.

When I began blogging years ago (I am type-pad and LiveJournal years-old) I had no clue that I would stick with internet venting for quite so long! I have had the luxury of creating a successful eBay resale business during its inaugural years, learning to build sites from the ground up using WordPress upon its discovery and promoting myself and wielding my influence well. I can use the mom-voice on the web, so I am pretty effective at bossing people around.

IN this space I have created you will get the narrative of my life, where I hope to inspire you to embrace your inner half-assed unicorn-mom and be the best person you can be, with or without coffee.

I have vast knowledge about why things are sticky, I can always find the missing thing (because I look with my Mom eyes) or where the smell is coming from.

I am a multi-faceted, multi-passionate woman with a drive to succeed and the will to empower not just my family, but YOU as well.

The Half-Assed Housewife blog is an adventure into the intricacies of parenting in the digital age, traveling and exploring with a band of raggy-ass kids,  creating fun and growing as a family. And cocktail recipes…probably lots of those 😉




Media & Collaborations

I am a creative type and I love working with my favorite brands to showcase them in my everyday life. This is my virtual neighborhood and I know it well. If you are representative of a brand that you think would be a great fit feel free to contact me! Check out my Media Kit and take a look around to see some of my work.


The majority of my readers are from major metropolitan cities across the Southwest – such as Houston, TX, and L.A., Ca.

Parents and singles, ages 27-39 with an average household income of $80,000 + per year.

See my media kit and contact me for collaborations!