The Half Housewife


Meet Sarah!  

I am a fantastically opinionated stay-at-home mom with a horrible sense of humor and a big sense of adventure.

Rather than flatly offer advice and hacks, I chose to welcome you all to a narration of my lifestyle with the hopes of inspiring other families to join in some of the fun things that we are doing – whether it be our favorite family movie, a quick dinner inspiration, our favorite family vacation spot or what genius hack I invented to get my kids to bed on time.

I have vast knowledge about why things are sticky, I can always find the missing thing (because I look with my Mom eyes) or where the smell is coming from.

 I have been successfully adulting for at least 5 consecutive minutes, so I am sort of an expert. I like a little wine and a lot of coffee. Here I do my best to show you how I am doing my best and my best is good enough! 

 You will find my insight into many things here and I hope that you can find the information and inspiration for YOUR life you are looking for.

I like to tell stories. My sense of humor is heavily sarcastic and often inappropriate, as is my language, although I try to keep that to my self!

Here you will find inspiration to be yourself. You will find all my favorite gadgets. You will find my favorite places we have been and my favorite places to dream of. You will find a rant and a cuss word. You will find sincerity. You will also find a friend.



Media & Collaborations

I am a creative type and I love working with my favorite brands to showcase them in my everyday life. This is my virtual neighborhood and I know it well. If you are representative of a brand that you think would be a great fit feel free to contact me! Check out my Media Kit and take a look around to see some of my work.