8 Learning Websites for Kids

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It has been kind of a struggle to find our groove for learning, being our first year of homeschooling. We are doing a split-time operation with the family school and I haven’t quite adjusted to the traditional aspect of schooling yet. I’m not very traditional. The appeal of homeschooling, for me, was to be the opposite of traditional and in doing so present lots of different ways of learning for my son. 

I love the internet. For all it’s faults it really offers an unlimited and unrestrained learning cavern. People jokingly talk about “falling down the rabbit hole” and if you are on the right learning website, is that really such a bad thing? I think not. 

I have compiled a quick list of my favorite learning websites for kids. These educational site and learning apps are very kid friendly so you won’t have to worry too much about releasing them on their own. Another great thing about these learning websites is that they mostly self-directed. I like it when I can release my child into the wild and only be called upon for pronuciation issues or the occaisonal “What does it mean when Java is updating?” 

Learning Websites for Kids

Kahn Academy

Kahn Academy has basically become a staple learning website over the years. It is completely free for students and has tons of self-guided lessons, video lessons, practice and testing. From the very basics all the way up to college test prep. 

Recently they added Arts & Humanities and Economics on top of their 
Math, Grammar, Science Concepts and more. You can link your child’s account to your email to receive updates on their weekly progress. This is also good for record keeping for Homeschool! 


 Izzit is one of my favorite learning websites even though the material is limited for 3rd graders. The collection of videos about economics and society is amazing. From Adam Smith’s contribution to the founding of America to Pax Americana, taxes and energy technology. This website isn’t free, although you can get a free DVD or Download every year if you are a teacher of homeschooler. Izzit really breaks down complex topics and makes it easy to get your kids interested in learning about these concepts. 


Free interactive lessons, videos and games. Planet of the month, live stream from space, STEM engagement all age/grade/level based. Activity and lesson plans can be found for educators to use or you can create your own. We love watching the livestreams and seeing new photos from the space probes. 

Scratch & Scratch Jr

Made for kids 8 to 16, Scratch has Games and simple lessons that kids can easily follow and learn on their own. How to code games, animations and more. From the Lifelong Kindergarten Group at the MIT Media Lab. Includes a large community of educators and lesson plans to help your kids learn coding.

Scratch Jr. Is for kids 5 to 7 and similar to Scratch in that it gives kids a good way to self-teach coding. Scratch Jr. app can be downloaded on the website.

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