8 Binge-Worthy Shows to Get you Through the Winter

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Its the dead of winter and if you’re anything like our family, you binge watch TV shows when it’s too cold to get out and play. We do marathons that would put some to shame. We can dedicate an entire day to nothing but the endless pursuit of the next episode in whatever great show we are watching. Not all our weekend are like this, but in the cold of winter, you can guarantee that quite a few are dedicated to board games and binge watching. If you’re seeking the next great show to to fill your hours of couch potato time, I have a list of 10 binge-worthy shows you need to be watching until you thaw out! This post contains affiliate links to get you the best TV shows!

Sneaky Pete is an Amazon Original series in its first season, which I just started. I’m midway through the series and I’m loving it! Ex-con, Giovanni Ribisi, gets out of prison and assumes his cell-mates identity and takes over his new role in his family,, who haven’t seen him in 20 years. It’s light enough to make you giggle but the complex characters and their relationships are pretty interesting – Is it a giant Con? I am really enjoying this show.Join Amazon Channels Free Trial

AMC churns out the most amazing series on a very consistent basis, and Hell On Wheels is no damn exception! Hell On Wheels follows the trials and tribulation of the building of the Northern Pacific Rail Road through the American west. It’s a rugged and wild show, mostly historically accurate and Anson Mount, who plays the quintessential railroad man of the late 1800’s is one hell of an evolving character. And he’s not so bad to look at. There are 5 seasons to this series. We finished them, with daily dedication, in the month of January. We are pro’s.

Shameless, based off it’s British counterpart, starring William H. Macy is a fucking disaster.  This poor family. They’re a train wreck continually throughout all 7 current seasons, and just like a train wreck, you can’t look away. Just when you think they might get their shit together another hooligan fucks it up for everyone. This is one of those shows you have to sneak an episode here and there in the middle of the night – because you DO NOT want your kids watching this! They’re likely to see some sex, nudity, drug use, violence and it’s all laughing matters. It’s a Showtime original and is actually the only reason that we have Showtime. It’s that good. Right now, if you’re an Amazon Prime subscriber you can also add the Showtime channel to your line-up without purchasing a whole extra package. It’s hella convenient, or you can stream some of the seasons on Amazon Prime and Netflix. Join Amazon Channels Free Trial

The 100 – a CW series that The Whole Assed Honey says is cross between The Walking Dead and Vikings, will be premiering season 4 in February. You can stream the first 3 seasons on Netfilx, and you better hurry!  This show is set in a post nuclear apocalyptic world where the main characters and survivors endured the 90 year fall-out in space. The teenage kids of these survivors get sent to earth as a punishment, to determine if its live-able and encounter a dangerous “new civilization” of survivors. It’s really good binge TV, just don’t focus on the horrible parenting skills of the Space Station survivors, or details that include a new, completely evolved language turning up in what once was Washington D.C. in less than 100 years and people eating computer chips to get to heaven. Obviously it’s sci-fi and totally worth the watch, even if you’re thinking to yourself “I would never let my teenage daughter do that” the whole time.

The Crown is the perfect show for history buffs. I watched the first season of this Netflix Original all by self, which really means I watched this series while cookign dinner with two little babies hanging off each leg while helping a 6 year old with homework. I basically watched each episode twice because I was sure i had missed something. It’s great, historically relevant and accurate (which is obviously a weakness of mine) and I can’t wait for the next season!

The Ranch revives a few of your favorite That 70’s Show actors and puts them on a cattle ranch to be yelled at by Sam Elliot. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll say “hey look, it’s Fez!”. It touches on some deeper family issues, but Ashton Kutcher is too goofy to play a deep role in this series. Instead he’s a former semi-pro football player from a small western town where his family owns a cattle ranch. You’ll be surprised at how much you will enjoy this show, I know I was. This is another Netflix original that we are patiently awaiting the next season.

The Walking Dead is a show you should obviously be watching. If you’re not into the characters then you’re just not human. For we hardcore Dead Heads, this past season has been really rough for us, since Rick Grimes apparently abandoned his habitual Bad-Assery in the wake of some pretty rough deaths. I don’t know about the rest of you Walking Dead fans, but I am pretty disappointed that its taken a whole damn season to recoup from Negan. Sure he’s got numbers, but he’s got nothin’ else. Even his intimidation tactics are bull shit. If you’ve not yet watched The Walking Dead, you need to. How else are you going to know what to do when the Zombie Apocalypse happens. If you’re a Walking Dead fan, I’m sure that you’re re-watching all the seasons in quiet anticipation of the Mid-Season Return.

I have a confession to make, I am obsessed with politics, although you will never know it on this blog. I am also obsessed with House of Cards because it makes me hate myself for loving politics. It basically underscores everything that is working against the people when it comes to Washington but you cannot help but to love The Underwoods. They basically manipulated their way into power and presidency, probably just like it really happens, and for that you squirm but you are also kind of rooting for them. If you’re conviction is as strong as mine, you could finish 5 season of this Netfilx Original in under a month – and that’s with kids well cared for.

According to the weather guy and mother nature most of the country has at the very least a couple more weekends to dedicate to filling up on their favorite TV Shows… or finding new ones. Grab a bowl of pop-corn and get your chill on!







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  1. I’m already a huge fan of The 100 and TWD and we just started watching The Crown. I definitely need to check out the rest of the shows on your list!

  2. I just started watching Shameless. I find it entertaining, because it’s a whole lifestyle that I know nothing of, and have never experienced for myself. But yeah, totally not a show to have on while the kiddos are home!

  3. These is nothing as relaxing as a Saturday binge watching day. I’m personally addicted to House of Cards, so I’ve been eagerly anticipating the new season. Bring on the comfy PJ’s and snacks!

  4. I’ve not watched any of them, although I’ve had most of them suggested to me a number of times! I just binged Man in the High Castle, and I’m working on a British documentary series, “Don’t Call Me Crazy” on Netflix

  5. I go to the store to get some of my favorite shows and have a hard time finding them. Where are you getting your t.v. shows? Amazon

    1. I stream all mine through Amazon or Netflix – so much easier with little kidiots around, that way i re-watch what I inevitably missed.

    1. It took a lot of prodding from the Whole Assed Honey before I gave The Ranch a chance – glad I did. And I will try to answer yyour questions 🙂

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