71% of Parents Rely on Smart Technology

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As we speak, my two smaller terrorists are doing the Hokey Pokey Shake in my living room thanks to my constantly connected Smart TV, push-of-the-button YouTube casting and a I’m only partially annoyed because I can control the playlist on my Smartphone, from the other-freakin’-room. So it really isn’t that hard to believe when Baby Center research says that 71% of parents rely on smart technology, or Internet of Things, technology to make their lives simpler.

These amazing devices that have taken up residence in our homes and lives, when used with moderation and responsibility, really do make daily living a little easier. Because of all these interconnected Smart devices, I can have my Google calendar synced to everything, so no matter if I’m in the car, on the laptop or watching Disney on repeat, I get a notification. And don’t even get me started on Alexa, Google and Cortana. Baby Center reports that 42% of owners speak to these devices as an actual person, a higher percentage even assigning gender and saying thank you to their AI. Mom’s purchasing these devices has doubled in the past year alone. I don’t have one. I do have Google on my phone and I “OK Google” A LOT.

This technology is simplifying the way that we do things and shaping the way that we interact, not only with the technology itself, but with one another.

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