30 Board Games to Give as Gifts

30 Board Games to Give As Gifts

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Our family loves board games and we always end up with a new one as a gift. There is nothing more fun than family game night with all the kids. We try to start them early on Candy Land but soon they’re kicking butt at poker dice. Games really are a family treasure. 

Board Games to Give AS GIFTS

Board Games for Preschoolers

Don't Step in It Unicorn Edition
Crocodile Dentist
World of Disney Eye Found It
Pete the Cat The Missing Cupcakes Game
The Cat in the Hat I Can Do That Card Game
The Sneaky Snacky Squirrel
Hi Ho Cherry O Mickey Mouse Edition
Race to the Treasure

Board Games for 5 to 8 Years

Kanoodle Extreme
Clue Jr.
Scrabble Junior
Mouse Trap
Hot Potato

Board Games for 8 to 12 Years

Castle Panic
Guess Who
Monopoly Fortnite Edition
Don't Lose Your Cool
Watch Ya Mouth
Five Crowns

Board Games for 12 years and Up

Code Name
One Night Ultimate Werewolf
Googly Eyes
Ticket to Ride

Board Games for Adults

Cards Against Humanity 

What Do You Meme

Exploding Kittens

Christmas Card Craft Tree
LEGO Gifts For Every Budget