Parenting is hard. Kids can be difficult. Here we focus on being the best parents we can be in our homes. I like to offer a dose of reality, the good, bad and ugly of parenting.  There is no judgment, parent-shaming or mom-bashing here. You will only find ways to better yourself, your family and grow together. Self-care, nurturing, advice, inspiration, and humor – very sarcastic humor!

71% of Parents Rely on Smart Technology

As we speak, my two smaller terrorists are doing the Hokey Pokey Shake in my living room thanks to my constantly connected Smart TV, push-of-the-button YouTube casting and a I’m only partially annoyed because I can control the playlist on my Smartphone, from the other-freakin’-room. So it really isn’t that hard to believe when Baby Center research says

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This Shit Will Leave You In Stitches – Giveaway

This amazing hand-crafted wall art is really going to spice up your life and let folks know what needs sayin’… with style! Want to win?? Scroll down to enter our Bitchy Stitches Giveaway! Truer words have never been spoken and they certainly haven’t been stitched! I need this at both doors to my house and to hand dangling

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