Welcome! I am The Half-Assed Housewife! Momma of 3, blogger with attitude.

I am a fantastically opinionated stay-at-home mom with a horrible sense of humor and big sense of adventure.

I feel like my only true expertise  lies in my (unused) degree field – this parenting crap is pretty much fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants and that’s ok with me. The kids don’t care much either!

I started blogging about parenthood because I wanted to create a space that showed that I, a pretty damned good parent, didn’t always follow the herd.

Thus turned into my traveling with my children. We are by no means a family of jetsetters and globe-trotters, (yet) but we regularly take our herd of kidiots on adventures across the country. As my children get older our sense of adventure grows deeper and our travels take us further. We a re budget conscious with big dreams and are experts at creating great adventures for our kids that will create life-long memories.

Rather than flatly offer advice and hacks, I chose to welcome you all to a narration of my lifestyle with the hopes of inspiring other families to take a trip, have an adventure and discover what lies outside your door.

I like to tell stories. My sense of humor is heavily sarcastic and often inappropriate, as is my language.

Here you will find inspiration to be yourself. You will find all my favorite gadgets. You will find my favorite places we have been and my favorite places to dream of. You will find a rant and a cuss word. You will find sincerity. You will also find a friend.